Vipin Saxena
Vipin Saxena
Vipin in the Lobby
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Girlfriend: Rani Uberoi
Friend(s): Rehan Malvani
Production Info
Portrayed by: Adarsh
First Appearance: "Vinnie Checks In"
Last Appearance: "Vinnie Checks In"
Vipin Saxena is a rich boy who dated Rani Uberoi. His only appearance is in the episode, "Vinnie Checks In".


Vipin Saxena checked into the Raj Mahal Hotel in the episode, "Vinnie Checks In". He is fairly wealthy as the Raj Mahal is a very expensive hotel. In the episode there was minimum details about Vipin's family. Additionally,Vipin seems like a nice person. He dated Rani Uberoi for short time while Vinita Mishra dated Rehan. Vipin is known to be best friends with Rehan Malvani, who's family is incredibly rich. Vipin is a fan of Shakira, just as the rest of the group is.



Vipin Saxena is of an average height. He has black hair which is not shown during the episode as he wore a hat all the time. Despite being rich, Vipin wears average yet trendy pants and t-shirts. When he goes out he wears better quality clothes.