Vinita Mishra
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Teenager
Nickname: Vinnie
Lives In: Raj Mahal Hotel
Friend(s): Karan

Mr. Maan Singh

Employment: The Candy Counter Girl
Production Info
Portrayed by: Tara Sutaria
Vinita "Vinnie" Mishra is one of the main characters of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. Vinnie is good friends with Rani, Karan, Kabir, Maan Singh & Priti.


Vinnie is a candy counter teenage girl of the Raj Mahal Hotel who is played by Tara Sutaria. Vinnie is described as being from a poor family. She can be sarcastic at times (usually towards Rani) but at those  times where she gets irritable. She seems to care about others and she is extremely hard working. Vinnie also babysits Karan & Kabir in the absence of Prit. In an episode, she says that her wish is to go on a trip to Paris.She is left handed. Vinnie is eqivalent to Maddie Fitzpatrick who is played by Ashley Tisdale.


She mostly wears her Raj Mahal Uniform, because she works at the Raj Mahal Hotel. In an episode, she is seen in a party dress.



Rani - Vinnie's wealthy best friend, who often refers to Vinnie as poor. They always stay best friends, although they sometimes get annoyed with each other.

Kabir - Vinnies's friend at the Raj Mahal Hotel. Kabir does not have a crush on Vinnie like Karan does. Kabir and Vinnie are both intelligent. In an episode, Kabir calls Vinnie 'Tubelight'.

Priti-priti is good caring friend she helps vinni when vinnie had a crush on a college boy.

Romantic interestsEdit

Karan - Karan has a crush on Vinnie and thinks he would impress her if he would be nice to her. When Vinnie was going for a farewell party, he wanted to dance with her.

Rahul: Vinnie and Rahul briefly dated toward the beginning of the show, but she dumped him because of his strange obsession with water and fish.

Ashwin: Vinnie wanted to attend her high-school prom with Ashwin but he already had a girlfriend. Vinnie becomes disappointed upon discovering that Ashwin had a girlfriend and end up dancing with Karan.