To Catch a Thief
03 To Catch a Thief
Shobhaji on top of the thieves
Season: 1
Episode: 3
Production Code: 103
Guest Stars: Sulekshana as Shobhaji

Saurabh Mehta as Sindhu
Varun Vazir as Manu

Writer: Ross Brown
Director: Vasant Valsan
Originally Aired: April 22, 2012
"The Fairest of Them All"
"Hotel Hangout"

"To Catch a Thief" is the 3rd episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. There are thieves discovered to be loose on the Raj Mahal, and the police think it is Jung Bahadur. So, to clear his name, Karan and Kabir risk total grounding to catch the masterminds of the crime.


The episode starts when a thief was in the Raj Mahal Hotel, and all thinks is Jung Bahadur, Karan & Kabir want to discover who is the thief to save Jung Bahadur's life. Meanwhile, Rani goes to Spain, and Vinnie has to take care of Princess.


  • The Hindi name for this episode will be' चोर को पकड़ने के लिए'.