Titli Lathikumar Chhatrapati
Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: Adult
Husband: Ajay Pavitradev Ranjay Chandramohan
Pet(s): Roshogula (Rasgulla)
Nemesis: Maan Singh
Employment: Ex-Manager of Raj Mahal Hotel, Manager of Lalita Interontinental Hotel
Production Info
Portrayed by: Jhumma Mitra
First Appearance: Hotel Inspector
Last Appearance: Cookin' With Heer and Ranjha

Titli Lathikumar Ajay Pavitradev Ranjay Chandramohan Chhatrapati (known premaritally as TLC) is a character that appears in The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir as an antagonist in an episode. She was a hotel inspector.

Story Edit

Titli has much experience in the hotel-inspecting business and enforces her work with a strong attitude. After being fired from Raj Mahal Hotel, Titli became the manager of the Lalita Intercontinental Hotel, the Raj Mahal Hotel's heaviest competer located just across the street. At the Lalit Intercontinental Hotel, Titli also looks after Raj who once tried to go out with Rani after falling in love with her. In general, Titli is just a mean hotel inspector that is the archenemy of Mr. Maan Singh, the Raj Mahal Hotel, and the Uberoi family.


  • Titli has a dog named Roshogulla (Rasgulla in Hindi).