The Ghost of Suite 613
05 The Ghost of Suite 613
The gang scaring Karan at Suite 613
Season: 1
Episode: 5
Production Code: 105
Guest Stars: Vrajesh Hirjee as Digital

Sulekshana as Shobhaji

Director: Vasant Valsan
Originally Aired: May 13, 2012
"Hotel Hangout"
"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel"

"The Ghost of Suite 613" is the 5th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. Karan and Kabir hear a rumor that says there is a ghost in suite 613. Along with Vinnie, Rani, and Jung Bahadur, the twins go to suite 613 to spend the night.


A rumor is circulating around the Raj Mahal Hotel that Suite 613 is haunted by a ghost named Shalini, whose husband left her for an actress. Meanwhile, Karan plays practical jokes on everyone, embarrassing them around other people. Later, when they hear that Rani has dropped her purse with a thousand rupees in Suite 613, Vinnie, Rani, Karan and Kabir all run up to get it. On the way, Shobhaji tells them about Shalini, then leaves. When Mr. Maan Singh finds them in the suite later on, he tells them of the experience he had with suite 613 when he was new at the hotel as a manger. Then Karan dares Kabir to spend a night at 613 and the person who runs out first owes the other ten rupees. In the suite, they try to talk to the spirit (Kabir, Karan, Rani, Vinnie and Jang Bahadur) getting Jang Bahadur possessed and making Kabir, Vinnie and Rani disappear then it is revealed to be a practical joke for Karan. At the end of the episode, Kabir and Karan look for Kabir's toy, "Bobo", when a woman who looks exactly like Shalini approaches them and gives Kabir back the toy and leaves, passing through the wall with a portrait in the wall meaning the ghost of Shalini is real.


  • Suite 613 is an allusion to the idea that the numbers 6 and 13 are usually considered unlucky or even evil numbers.
  • The Hindi name for this episode will be' सूईट ६१३ का भूत'.