अगर कुछ बाकि है, तो एक दाढ़ी वाली औरत|
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St. Mary's Primary School
St. Mary's Primary School
St. Mary's Primary School courtyard
Location: Mumbai, India
Staff: Mr. Sharma
First Appearance: "Hotel Hangout"
Last Appearance: "Smart & Smarterer"
St. Mary's Primary School is the primary school attended by Karan and Kabir Jaiswal in The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir.


This is IIT-Kharagpur.


Twin's Classroom

Class V-BEdit

Class V-B is the classroom where Karan, Kabir, Rajesh and other students study. The classroom has a blackboard, windows, chairs, deks, maps, charts, globe etc.

Special ClassesEdit

Special classes are the classroom in which students with special needs study. Rajesh was a student of the special class of dyslexics. The special classes are mentioned in the episode "Smart & Smarterer".