Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Employment: Maid at the Raj Mahal
Production Info
Portrayed by: Sulekshana
First Appearance: To Catch a Thief
Shobhaji is one of the employees of Raj Mahal, portrayed by Sulekshana. Her first appearance was in To Catch a Thief.


1960's - 1980'sEdit

She starts work as the one of the Raj Mahal's maids. During this time, a thief named Don ka Baap John tried to get her to be his girl, giving her a pendant and stealing half of Rani's grandmother's money. She had an interview when he was taken away, which appeared in a newspaper.

1980's - PresentEdit

She continues working at the Raj Mahal.

Description Edit

Shobhaji, while normally good-natured, is occasionally irritable and snappy, and also depicted as having a love for money. She is hardly ever seen doing her job and is often found just lazing about the hotel doing anything but work. The episode, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel, revealed she has been working at the Hotel for 40 - 60 years and even then chose to sit around rather than working. Besides her typical Punjabi accent, she speaks some words in a weird way, for example in an episode, she says undergarmaments instead of undergarments.