Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Age Group: 12
Lives In: Mumbai
Boyfriend: Kabir Jaiswal(sometimes)
Friend(s): Kabir Jaiswal
Production Info
First Appearance: The Fairest of Them all
Last Appearance: The Fairest of Them all

Shipra is a character in The Suite Life of Karan and Kabir. She only appears in "The Fairest of Them All" and gives Kabir his first kiss.


Shipra is first seen in the hotel lobby. It seems that when her eyes meet with KaBIR's eyes, she likes him, but still refuses to let him help her with her bag, saying she "can't talk to strangers."She really likes Ankita (Kabir), and whenever Karan compliments her says she (he) is "so sweet." She has also called him funny and tried to hug him, but could not because Karan did instead, excited with the prospect of earning money for bikes.She only competes in beauty pageants because she needs money for vet school, as she wants to open an animal hospital for underprivileged pets. Her mother is never seen, but in the first part of the episode Shipra has to go hold her earring because her mother got in a catfight.Shipra wins the beauty pageant because Kabir drops out and is disqualified anyways because the judges discover Ankita (Karan in the talent competition, as he had dropped out) is a boy. In the last scene of the episode, she warms up to him and says goodbye, kissing him. After she leaves Kabir declares that was "way better than a bike!"