Season: 1
Episode: 18
Production Code: 116
Guest Stars: Akash Thapar as Aditya

Rishabh Chadda as Rahul

Writer: Bernadette Luckett
Director: Vasant Valsan
Originally Aired: August 12, 2012
"Poor Little Rich Girl"

"Rumors" is the 18th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. Kabir is mistaken for Karan, and for that never to happen again, he tries a "bhai-giri" look, then a green-head look. Meanwhile, Rani is spreading rumors about Rahul and Vinnie running to play gilli-danda.


The episode starts when Vinnie is learning first aid from Rahul. But when Rani sees Vinnie checking Rahul's nerves, she thinks that they are back together, so she starts spreading the rumor. This rumor gets bigger and bigger as it goes from person to person and in the end it ends up with Vinnie and Rahul running off from Raj Mahal Hotel, playing in a gilli-danda team and Rahul growing a mustache for Vinnie. But the whole thing backfires on Rani when Vinnie accidentally starts a rumor about Rani that she is an animal murderer and she bought a tooth of a elephant on African Safari. Meanwhile, Because of everyone confusing Karan with Kabir, Kabir wants to look different than Karan. At first, he gets a "bhai" look but his idea "gets flop" due to the dress being so old and stinky. Then he dyes his hair green but it turns out to be very bright. Karan now had to fill in for Kabir because Kabir's hair is green and he don't want to go infront of him with green hair. In the end, Kabir wins the ticket of trip to Delhi because of Karan's cheerful behaviour.


  • There's an episode of The Proud Family and Lizzie McGuire with the same title.