There are many uniforms wore in the Raj Mahal Hotel .The Uniforms ae the same in all seasons of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir.

Men Edit

Bellboy UniformEdit

This uniform consists of a dark red long-sleeved jacket with gold colored buttons and a name tag and black pants with a matching round red hat with a golden colored band near its rim. This uniform is worn by Jung Bahadur & other bellboys.

Lifeguard UniformEdit

This uniform consists of a dark red polo shirt with the R of Raj Mahal Hotel, and shortpants. This uniform is worn by Rahul & other lifeguards.

Waiter UniformEdit

This uniform consists of a white shirt with a vest and a bowtie at the neck.



Raj Mahal Hotel SareeEdit

This is the main uniform for all the staff members of Raj Mahal Hotel except the Candy-Counter girl, Vinita Mishra. This saree is in dark red color and copper color.

Vinnie's UniformEdit

This uniform consist of a white shirt and skirt. Vinnie also wears different ties as it is "her own touch".

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