Raj Lalit
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Girlfriend: Rani Uberoi (only in the episode)
Father: Mr. Lalit
Production Info
Portrayed by: Devansh
First Appearance: Cookin' With Heer and Ranjha
Last Appearance: Cookin' With Heer and Ranjha
Raj Lalit is the son of Mr. Lalit, the owner of the Lalita Intercontinental Hotel. He briefly went out with Rani Uberoi in the episode: Cookin' With Heer and Ranjha.


Raj Lalit went out with Rani Uberoi after meeting her in the Raj Mahal Hotel Lobby. Once their eyes met, they instantly fell in love. Raj wants to become a dentist, and he was currently at the Raj Mahal for a dentist convention. His father is Mr. Lalit, whose hotel business (the Lalita Intercontinental Hotel) is in competition with the Raj Mahal Hotel. It seems that Raj does not like Titli, because she is mean and ugly. Raj goes on a date with Rani in the laundry room (it was the only good place Vinnie could get), becuase there is no other available location to go to. The date goes terribly due to Shobhaji interrupting them all the time.

Later, Raj is seen at the bottom of the Raj mahal with a loudspeaker, reciting her poems. They arrange to meet at the the costume party. After a while of searching, they find each other and hug. In the end, Raj is allowed to go to dentist school because his father wants him away from Rani. Raj promises Rani that in 8 years he will make an appointment for Rani. Additionally, he promised to fix Vinnie's rabbit teeth.


Most of the time, Raj Lalit wears fancy clothes due to his family being rich. He is seen in a suit commonly. In addition, Raj has black hair, and is fairly tall for his age. He is of a skinny physique.