Poor Little Rich Girl
17 Poor Little Rich Girl
Rani shouting when she discovers she is poor
Season: 1
Episode: 17
Production Code: 117
Director: Vasant Valsan
Originally Aired: August 5, 2012
"Big Hair & Cricket"

"Poor Little Rich Girl" is the 17th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. As a result of Rani's father going bankrupt, the bank has to seize all of the Oberois' assets, notably including Rani's clothes, pictures, and so on. Because she can no longer stay in her suite, she has to stay with Vinnie. Meanwhile, in an old video (days after the twins were born), Priti mixes them up them, and Karan and Kabir think they are the other twin, adopting each other's personality until they get confirmation of their identity from the hospital.


Rani discovers her father has gone bankrupt when he accidentally over-invested in a diamond mine that turned out to be diamond-less. With nowhere else for her to go, Vinnie reluctantly lets Rani move into her family's apartment.

Vinnie helps Rani begin to learn "regular people" skills, including finding a job. She suggests that Rani babysits for Karan and Kabir. While sitting, she nearly burns down the suite while trying to make cheese sandwich (as she didn't use bread or take the plastic off of the slices of cheese).

During her "poor" life, Rani discovers things she had never experienced when she was rich, such as spinach dip, sleepovers, making a bed herself, and especially the value of family and a good friend. But soon, her father strikes oil in his diamond-less diamond mine, and she's rich again. Rani still recognizes that Vinnie was the only friend who didn't abandon her when she didn't have money, and they confirm that they are friends.

Meanwhile, the twins find a videotape in which their mother temporarily mixes them up when they were babies. Kabir thinks he might be Karan, and Karan thinks he might be Kabir. While they challenge Priti, they also start acting like each other. Priti eventually resolves the matter by having their birth certificates sent to the hotel from the hospital and identifying them by their fingerprints. Karan and Kabir have been living under their correct names all this time, and they return to normal.



  • The title "Poor Little Rich Girl" might be an allusion to the film Titanic (1997), when Rose Dewitt Bukater confesses to Jack Dawson after the latter saves her life. She says; "I know what you might be thinking... poor little rich girl."
  • The title "Poor Little Rich Girl" is an allusion to a Shirley Temple movie with the same title and a similar plot-line.
  • The title is an allusion to 'Richie Rich, the Poor Little Rich Boy' comic book, that was made into a movie starring Macaulay Culkin.
  • This episode has the longest cold open in Season 1.