Mumbai Holiday
Season: 1
Episode: 20
Production Code: 120
Guest Stars: Tejas as Prince Raj Raj,

Shauki as Mr. Babalabalu

Absent: Jung Bahadur
Originally Aired: August 26, 2012
"Rock Star in the House"

"Mumbai Holiday" is the 20th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. A young Prince shows up at the Raj Mahal Hotel, but he wants to be a normal kid, so Karan and Kabir help him have fun. Meanwhile, Rani is convinced that she's found aliens and Vinnie is dragged along.


The episode starts when Karan and Kabir are playing football in the lobby. Karan kicks the ball and it accidentally hits Maan Singh. As a punishment, Maan Singh signs an contract saying the boys' are not allowed to play football in the lobby as some special royal guests are staying at Raj Mahal Hotel. Maan Singh then introduces Mr. Babalabalu and Prince Raj Raj to Karan and Kabir.

Later, Karan Kabir and Prince Raj Raj are playing football in the corridor and Kabir again accidentally hits Maan Singh. Prince Raj Raj hides behind the cart. Maan Singh says that Karan and Kabir were not allowed to play football as written in the contract and Karan replies that they were not allowed to play football in the 'lobby'. Prince Raj Raj laughs and Mr. Babalabalu hears it. When Karan and Kabir are in the suite, Prince Raj Raj comes there and says he is tired of doing the royal jobs and wants to be normal like the boys'. Kabir suggest that he and Raj Raj switch places while Karan and Raj Raj go to the mall.

In the Mall, Prince Raj Raj takes a dress without paying the cost and says that he doesn't need to have money. His servants pay his bills. A lady inspector comes and arrests them for stealing and they end up in jail.

Meanwhile, Rani says that she saw an flying saucer and Vinnie stays at her suite living the sweet life. They later fall asleep and Rani has a dream about saving the world from qliens who wants to destroy the Earth. When she wakes up Vinnie comes and tells her the she saw a UFO, but later notices that it is just Rani's last week birthday party balloon that is stuck on a pole.


  • When Prince Raj Raj attempts to explain to the police officer who he is, she retorts saying, "हाँ, और मैं झांसी की रानी।" This is a reference to the queen of Jhansi who is famous for fighting the British.