Mann Singh
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: Middle Aged
Lives In: Raj Mahal Hotel
Friend(s): Vinnie


Employment: Raj Mahal's Manager
Production Info
Portrayed by: Damandeep Singh Bagggan
Maan Singh (Damandeep Singh Bagggan) is 40 year old and one of the main characters in The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. He is the manager of the Raj Mahal Hotel who is probably the most annoyed by Karan and Kabir 's schemes. He also encourages Rani and always prepares the hotel when someone famous arrives to the Raj Mahal Hotel. He also tries his best to manage the hotel. He tends to have a crush on the people he works with such as Priti.


Maan Singh is at the position of the former manager at the Raj Mahal hotel. He is very stressed when it comes to Karan and Kabir, especially since the day they came to the Hotel, which he likes to call "the end of happiness".


Being the hotel's former manager, Maan Singh was obsessive about keeping it in order. He is usually uptight in a Basil Fawlty-like way, bossy and prone to hysterical fits when things go wrong.



Karan (very often)

Kabir (at times when Kabir acts as immature as Karan)
Karan and Kabir-s Rescue Mission

Maan Singh talking to Vinnie withRani standing next to them.