Jung Bahadur
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: Raj Mahal Hotel
Friend(s): Karan

Maan Singh

Employment: Bellboy at Raj Mahal Hotel
Production Info
Portrayed by: Shaynam Ladakhi
Jung Bahadur (Shaynam Ladakhi) is the bellboy at the Raj Mahal Hotel. His Friends Are Karan, Kabir, Rani, Vinnie & Maan Singh.


Jung Bahadur is the bellboy at the Raj Mahal, his first appearance was in the episode Hotel Hangout. In all the episodes, he speaks in a strong girly accent, so very few people can understand him. In many episodes, for example It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel & To Catch a Thief, he is shown to be a great friend of Karan & Kabir; Not only playing with them, but also helping them in difficult situations. In Pilot Your Own Life, Rani dresses Jung Bahadur up in female clothes and he puts up a little argument. In The Ghost of Suite 613, it is revealed that Maan Singh was once also a bellboy, leading us to believe that Jung Bahadur may someday follow in his shoes. In It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel, when maansingh sees him, the twins, and a damaged priceless painting, Jung Bahadur told to Maan Singh that back in his country, if someone committed a crime, they had to climb a mountain.


Esteban speaks with a strong girly accent and is overly dramatic and slightly dim at times. However, he is shown to be good and kind at heart and possesses a strong sense of loyalty towards his friends. Jung Bahadur acts like a child sometimes, which is one of the reasons he is great friends with Karan and Kabir.


Jung Bahadur has black hair, fair skin and is quite tall. His most common outfit is his Bellboy Uniform, which consists of a dark red long-sleeved jacket with gold colored buttons and a name tag and black pants. He also wears a matching round red hat with a golden colored band near its rim.