Jojo Jaiswal
Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: Middle-Aged
Sister(s): Priti Jaiswal
Nephews: Karan Jaiswal, Kabir Jaiswal
Employment: Rockstar
Production Info
First Appearance: Uncle's Back

Jojo Jaiswal is a minor recurring character in The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. He is the biological uncle of Karan and Kabir and brother of Priti and works as in a touring rock band. Strangely enough he is the character equivalent to Kurt Martin (the twins' father!)


He is formally introduced in "Uncle's Back", where he visits sister Priti Jaiswal and his kids, Karan and Kabir. Though Jojo does not stay long to visit, Karan stows away on his rock band's tour bus after a playful comment by Jojo, telling Karan to come live with him on the road. Despite being on the road, Jojo has to find time to take care of Karan and help him with his homework, and eventually get him back to the Raj Mahal Hotel.


Jojo is really a happy-go-lucky guy who is a kid at heart. He is also an open-minded father and can be mindless at times. Overall, he is a loving uncle and possibly brother. However, his mindlessness is often viewed as irresponsible, and that is possibly why Priti, his sister and mother of Karan & Kabir, left him in the first place.