Hotel Inspector
07 Hotel Inspector
Season: 1
Episode: 7
Production Code: 107
Special Guest: Jhumma Mitra as Titli
Writer: Marc Flanagan
Director: Vasant Valsan
Originally Aired: May 27, 2012
"It's a Mad, Mad, Mad Hotel"
"Pilot Your Own Life"
Quote1यहाँ पे दौगीस है, बिल्ली है, चूहे है, यहाँ पे अजी अजीब किसम के बच्चे है. अगर कुछ बाकि है तो एक दाढ़ी वाली औरत! Quote2

"Hotel Inspector" is the 7th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. When a hotel inspector inspects the Raj Mahal Hotel, Karan accidentally loses his and Kabir's lab rats Bunty and Babli, which makes Mr. Maan Singh lose his job. Kabir then enlists the help of Kabir, Jung Bahadur, and Shobhaji to get Mr. Maan Singh back.


The episode starts when Karan's rats leave his Suite, and was free in the Raj Mahal, and when Titli (the Hotel Inspector) sees them, fires Mr. Maan Singh, and she starts to be the Hotel Manager. Karan realizes that he has done something bad, so he enlists the help of Kabir to get Maan SIngh back. Karan tells Maan SIngh that Titli is cruel and strict (which she is) and begs him to come back, but there is nothing that Maan Singh can do. Meanwhile, Rani is celebrating Princess's birthday with a bunch of dogs. Inspired by a famous paintng, Rani decides that it will be a teen patti party. Titli does not want to let dogs play Teen Patti in the hotel, but she has no choice but to let it happen because Rani's father owns the hotel.

Karan learns about the party and takes advantage of it by letting the dogs free. He also lets the rats free. Then, he rushes to Moseby's apartment and says that Titli is allowing dogs and rats to run everywhere. Now furious, Maan Singh goes back to the hotel and tells Titli that she is doing a horrible job as the hotel manager, getting her fired in the process. Maan Singh is the hotel manager again, though Titli vows revenge...

During the credits, Vinnie is dressed up as a dog and wins a game of poker against real dogs.


  • Jung Bahadur: मान सिंह जी, आपके लिए फैक्स आई है। आज होटल इंस्पेक्टर आ रहा है। सरप्राईस इंस्पैकशन।
  • Maan Singh: अगर फैक्स आई है तो सरप्राईस कैसे हुआ?
  • Jung Bahadur: वो... फैक्स तो दो हफ्ते पहले आई थी, पर मैं आपको भूल गई। सरप्राईस।

  • Priti: शोभाजी, आपने वहा सौ रुपे का नोट देखा?
  • Shobhaji: वो मैला सा note? वो तो आप फेकने वाली थी न?
  • Priti: नहीं नहीं, वो तो मेरे ड्रैसिंग टेबल पर रखा हुआ था ना। (Shobhaji gives the note to Priti) थैंक यू।

  • Titli: हटाओ इस पप्पी को! इस डॉगी को हटाओ!
  • Rani: (apathetically) नो, प्रिनसैस| बैड डॉगी|

  • Titli: यहाँ पे दौगीस है, बिल्ली है, चूहे है, यहाँ पे अजी अजीब किसम के बच्चे है| अगर कुछ बाकि है तो एक दाढ़ी वाली औरत! (Maan Singh stares at her) तुम किसको देख रहे हो? चुप बैठो।