Double Rock
13 Band in Mumbai
Double Rock practicing
Band Information
Formed: 2012
Years Active: 2012-2013
Instruments: Guitar, Keyboard, Drums
Band Members: Karan Jaiswal, Kabir Jaiswal, Max, Noodle
Awards: Bands ki Takkar

Double Rock was a band formed by Karan & Kabir in the episode: "Band in Mumbai".


Prior to the episode, Double Rock was unheard of in the series. It wasn't until "Band In Mumbai" that the band was even real. The purpose of the band was to win Bands ki Takkar, due to the winner getting to write a demo CD. The members were:

The band was practicing in Suite 2330 until Priti pulled the plug. The band had to go down to the Stage, but Mr. Maan Singh forbid them to continue. They were then allowed to practice in the Laundry Room, with Digital encouraging them. Later on, Karan finds out that they have competition, Rahul's band Waterworks, who were facing problems of their own. Vinnie was also part of the band. As rehearsals went on Karan & Kabir continued to fight about looks, music and style. This lead to Kabir quitting Double Rock. Karan, Max and Noodle could not come up with any lyrics. Kabir had found new members of his new band, Shobhaji and Digital, but the band only lasted a few minutes. The twins worked it out and the band was back. They went on to win Bands ki Takkar, yet after the episode nothing happens, despite them being so passionate about scoring a demo CD.


As stated above, each member of the band played an integral part. Only one song was heard; it was probably the only one too. the song was called School's Out. This song had a very "rocky" style, and sounded very well. They made their Demo CD.