अगर कुछ बाकि है, तो एक दाढ़ी वाली औरत|
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Cookin' With Heer and Ranjha
11 Cookin With Heer and Ranjha
Kabir cracking an egg on Karan
Season: 1
Episode: 11
Production Code: 111
Guest Stars: Devansh as Raj Lalit
Special Guest: Jhumma Mitra as Titli
Writer: Jeny Quine, Adam I. Lapidus
Director: Vasant Valsan
Originally Aired: June 27, 2012
"A Prom Story"
"Nurse Karan"

"Cookin' With Heer and Ranjha" is the 11th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. Kabir bakes cookies who everyone thinks are good, and Mr. Maan Singh assigns him to be the caterer for the Society Club Costume Party at the Raj Mahal hotel with Karan as his helper, who only wants money. Meanwhile, Rani tries to unite herself with the son of Mr. Lalit, the owner of the rival hotel.


The episode starts when Rani falls for Raj Lalit, the son of Mr. Uberoi's enemy, Mr. Lalit who owns the Lalita Intercontinental Hotel. So Rani and Raj try to see how they can hide their secret and Vinnie helps them. In the meantime, for a costume party being held in the Raj Mahal Hotel, Maan Singh assigns Kabir to be the caterer with Karan as his helper, but soon their Teamwork turns into an argument.


  • Mr. Maan Singh: तुम उस लड़के से इतना प्यार करती हो?
  • Rani: अगर वो गरीब भी होता न, तब भी मैं उससे इतना ही प्यार करती|
  • Mr. Maan Singh: सच?
  • Rani: [pauses to think about her answer] हाँ!

  • Mr. Maan SIngh: जब हम किसी की इतनी परवाह करते है, तो खुद से पहले उनके बारे में सोचते है।

(Rani and Vinnie are entering the costume party)

  • Rani: विन्नी, क्या राज मुझे सच में हग करना चाहता है?
  • Vinnie: नहीं रानी, वो तुम्हारे पौधे को हग करना चाहता है|
  • Rani: वो मेरे पौधे को हग क्यों करना चाहता है?
  • Vinnnie: नहीं रानी, वो तुम्हे हग करना चाहता है!
  • Rani: विन्नी, क्या राज मुझे सच में हग करना चाहता है?
  • Vinnie: रानी, कितनी हसीन शाम है| मैं तुम्हे थप्पड़ नही मारना चाहती!


  • The title of this episode, "Cookin' With Heer and Ranjha", as well as the episode itself are parodies of Heer Ranjha.
  • The ending of this episode is a reference to the great pie fight on Bugsy Malone.
  • When Mr. Maan Singh said he will buy 500 cookies for the party, and in the start; Karan said a cookie costs 500 rupees. That means that they will have 250000 rupees since 500 x 500 = 250000.
  • The Hindi name for this episode would be ' हीर राँझा के साथ खाना'.