Big Hair & Cricket
16 Big Hair and Cricket
Maan Singh hiding from the TV reporters.
Season: 1
Episode: 16
Production Code: 116
Special Guest: Rehan Sayed as Kunal

Rakesh Bidua as Hotel Guest

Absent: Jung Bahadur
Director: Vasant Valsan
Originally Aired: August 7, 2012
"Vinnie Checks In"
"Poor Little Rich Girl"

"Big Hair & Cricket" is the 16th episode of the first season of The Suite Life of Karan & Kabir. Karan and Kabir help Maan Singh when he becomes public enemy number one after he catches a legal ball, which he assumed was foul, at a cricket game for Kabir. Meanwhile, Rani sets Vinnie up on a blind date but the humidity outside makes her hair frizz, and she soon discovers that her date sweats too much because he really likes her.


The episode starts when the famous cricketers of the Delhi Dakus Cricket Team stays at the Raj Mahal Hotel and gifts tickets of their match to Karan and Kabir. Priti needs to take some time off from work and from Karan and Kabir. She asks Mr. Maan Singh to take the kids to the cricket game. The reluctant Maan Singh goes with the kids in hopes of giving Priti her much needed time off. At the cricket game, Mr. Maan Singh accidentally disturbs Sachin who is fielding near the boundary line. This costs the Mumbai Ninjas to lose the game, making Maan Singh the most hated man in Mumbai. Meanwhile, Rani makes a date for Vinnie with a boy named Kunal, but due to humidity and rainy season, Vinnie's hair gets very frizzy.



  • Mumbai Ninjas and Delhi Dakus are an allusion to the famous IPL teams, Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils. Also, Sachin, a player of Mumbai Dakus, is also an allusion to Sachin Tendulkar of Mumbai Indians team. Mumbai Indians and Delhi Daredevils are two teams of IPL (Indian Premier League), so this match would be related to IPL.


  • When Sachin was at the fielding line to catch the six and Maan Singh disturbed him, the ball was a four.