Ashwin is the boy whom which Vinnie has a crush.He is from a poor family.He is friends from Vinnie and also studies with her in thier college.He come to Rajmahal Hotel to plan the Farewell party with Vinnie and his college friends.They decide to to do the party in Rajmahal.He said "What a Thing You Are!" to Rani because she said i will invite a popular music band named "Funky Boys" because she is rich and have money to invite "Funkey Boys".Vinnie decides to ask Ashwin for a prom but soon she finds out that Ashwin has his girlfriend Hemani and he dances with her.His only appearence was in "A Prom Story".


  • Ashwin is shown to be impress with Rani.
  • Ashwin doesn't laugh on Vinnie's jokes.
  • Ashwin has girlfriend named Hemani.
  • Ashwin doesn't understand Vinnie's feeling for him.
  • Ashwin playes Card with Vinnie.